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Privacy policy and confidentiality

This document aims to inform the user regarding the processing, collection and use of their personal data through the games and services available on the internet. Zariba Ltd observes and complies with the applicable laws and regulations relating to the protection and storage of personal information. These conditions of confidentiality are applied to all services offered on the pages managed by Zariba Ltd, all online games of Zariba Ltd, the portal and the application VIPKlaverjas.nl, but do not apply to partner websites linked to the pages of Zariba Ltd. In these cases, the conditions of confidentiality apply as they are presented by the respective partners. By the use of Zariba’s products you explicitly agree Zariba Ltd to process your personal data, as described below.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and take special measures to ensure the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information collected from or about you. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use such Personally Identifiable Information.

Please read this policy carefully. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, or any part of it, please do not use our websites or any of all online games of Zariba Ltd. Your using of our website or online games is treated as an acceptance of the version of this policy in effect at the time of your use.

Applicable to this privacy policy and all relations deriving therefrom shall be the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by email and do not use our websites until you are satisfied and can accept this policy in its entirety.

1. General terms for collection and use of personal data:

Zariba Ltd collects and uses only the information provided within the registration process to our gaming portal VIP Klaverjas or to the forums of our games (pages). Personal data is only collected when you access our pages or mobile applications by registering or by carrying out any subsequent registration and using payment services of your choice. In order to register to any games on the pages of Zariba Ltd or the portal (or app) VIP Klaverjas, you only need to enter your user name and email address. We collect and store information which our users voluntarily provide via registration to our gaming portal VIP Klaverjas or to the forums of our games or otherwise on our Products, and in electronic or other communications with us. You may opt-out of providing any such information by simply choosing not to complete the form requesting the information, and hence choosing not to use that particular service.

We process the following data: IP addresses and session duration, cookies and local information, statistics information such as browser type, operating system, links that refer you to our pages/apps, date, time, visited pages and the duration and frequency of use. This information is only used for anonymous statistical analysis. IP addresses and session duration is stored by us (for a maximum period of three months), as a consideration for compliance with our legal responsibilities. In particular cases, your IP address and session duration might be used to prevent tampering or creating multiple game profiles. The data we collect is used only to develop and improve user experience, to provide services and payments, for communication with our users, to support our websites and applications and provide various new events and offers.


Like many other companies, in order to provide the best user experience in the use of our websites, games and services, we collect and use temporary and permanent “cookies.”
“Cookies” are small text files that are stored on your computer and allow optimal operation of our pages. This storage serves, among other things, to provide automatic access without the need of entering your login credentials each time. Cookies do not contain any personal data or links leading to the user. It is important to note that cookies cannot carry viruses or install software on your computer. If you do not want “cookies” to be stored on your computer or want to be notified about their storage, you can prevent the installation of “cookies” by adjusting the appropriate settings on your browser – “do not accept cookies”. For more information, please read the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the program. We warn users that in particular cases, they might not be able to take full use of all the functions and services provided in our sites, if browser cookies are entirely disabled.

3.Third party advertisement, links to other websites, Facebook buttons:

Sometimes you might encounter third parties advertisements on the pages of Zariba Ltd or links to third parties websites for which Zariba Ltd bears no legal responsibility. Zariba Ltd has no influence or responsibility over the content and structure of any external links. Respective suppliers are solely responsible for the content and structure of these websites, and their confidentiality policies.

You might also encounter the Facebook buttons “like” or “share” on the pages of Zariba Ltd, which are property of the social network Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”), as well as all rights and responsibilities deriving therefrom. If you press a button, but you are not registered or do not have an active Facebook account, you will see a registration form. By this means your data will be transferred to Facebook. If you have an active Facebook account and are connected, you will be automatically transferred to the service on Facebook. Thus, even if you have not pressed a button, your information will be transferred after your first visit on the page. This process cannot be supervised by Zariba Ltd in any way whatsoever. This data transfer can be disabled by logging out of your Facebook profile. You can learn more about the way Facebook collects personal data and your legal rights as a client, by reading their Privacy policy here.

4. Disclosure of personal data to third parties:

Zariba Ltd will provide collected personal information related to payments only to third parties who are partners, external providers and state authorities only if we are obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract to such third parties or for purposes mentioned above, particularly to increase payments and to provide security to other individuals in cases required by law. The payment process is covered by external providers (credit card companies, banks, PayPal, Fortumo). User’s personal interests will be protected according to the applicable law. Foreign suppliers are obliged to provide maximum confidentiality and security when processing users data and can use their personal information only if it is necessary for carrying out their activities.

Your personal information may be transferred to, stored and processed in countries outside your country of residence both in and outside the United States including the European Union, and used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. You should be aware that the data protection laws of other countries may not be the same as the data protection laws of your country of residence. By submitting your personal information to Zariba Ltd, you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your personal information as described in this section.

Please note that this privacy policy does not apply to any of your Personally Identifiable Information which is collected by the external payment provider companies themselves or to the websites or services of other companies to which we link or which link to us, or which provide goods or services to our users from their websites (such as co-branded, white label or affiliate sites or other sites selling Jagex Product merchandise). Please note that those companies (and not Jagex) are responsible for the information which they collect. Please check their privacy policies where appropriate.

5. Changes:

Zariba Ltd reserves the right to modify this privacy policy or the content of their pages/apps, or block the access to them at any time. Zariba Ltd will post any changes made on the site. Please check it whenever you return to the site. We will treat your continued use of our websites or any online games of Zariba Ltd as acceptance of these changes from their effective date as shown above.

6. Rights to delete and recover data:

All users who provided their consent for processing of their personal data as specified hereunder may withdraw their consent at any time. Any data provided will be deleted as soon as it ceases to be necessary or the users themselves require it to be deleted. Note that no data will be deleted in case of obligations that must be met or if the data is needed for payments or fees for services.

Zariba Ltd is an administrator of personal data under certificate No– 122570.

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